[LON-CAPA-users] Missing Files?

Robert_Brewington at er.monroe.edu Robert_Brewington at er.monroe.edu
Wed Nov 9 09:00:38 EST 2011

I just went to update a file which hasn't been changed in several years. It "should" be in the folder docs under my root? main? author? folder (/res/brewington). Actually, I think it should be in /res/brewington/Chemistry/docs.

Hmmm, I don't see the folder docs. Somehow the system still knows about the file (I can access the pdf file as usual) but I don't see it in my folders. Looking at the link used by students to access the file, it is


Now, I DO see a strange folder Regents_Chemistry_ which I never created. It seems to have a strange directory structure with some numbers; within there I find a docs folder with an unpublished copy of the file (ReviewTables.pdf).

What is this Regents_Chemistry_ folder? Any thoughts on a) how the docs folder has disappeared, and b) how the system is accessing an unpublished file within this folder? How would I update the file?

I do not see corresponding folders for my other courses.


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