[LON-CAPA-users] How to print completed student assignments

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Wed, 5 Jan 2011 10:45:39 -0500

<FONT face=3D"Default Sans Serif,Verdana,Arial,Helvetica,sans-serif" size=
=3D2><div>I need to print out the completed assignments for a particular st=
udent. This entails perhaps 30-50 pages of LonCapa stuff.<br><br>Is there a=
 straightforward way to do this? All I have been able to do is <br><br>- go=
 into View Course Assessment chart<br><br>- Select the desired assignments,=
 and report Scores per Problem. Select the student.<br><br>- Click on each =
problem. The screen which comes up shows their answers, etc, so I can print=
 this. However, it also shows a bunch of other stuff (submissions, grading,=
 etc) which I would not like to have... Pretty tedious, to say the least.<b=
r><br>Is there some way I can log in as this student? I don't know her pass=
word (she has left the school), and I can't find a place where I can reset =
her password. A Forgotten password process will send a change of password t=
o her email, but not to me.<br><br>Thanks,<br>brew<br><br></div></FONT><BR>