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<div>Very nice explanation. Now that I know what to look for, sure enough t=
hat is what I am seeing.<br><br>Thanks,<br>brew<br></div><font color=3D"#99=
0099">-----lon-capa-users-admin@mail.lon-capa.org wrote: -----<br><br></fon=
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users@mail.lon-capa.org<br>From: Stuart Raeburn &lt;raeburn@msu.edu&gt;<br>=
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<br>Subject: Re: [LON-CAPA-users] Editing resource<br><br><font size=3D"3" =
face=3D"Courier New,Courier,monospace">For the shortcut "Edit" (to edit a r=
esource in Construction Space for &nbsp;<br>which you are author or co-auth=
or) to be displayed the following &nbsp;<br>condition must be met:<br><br>Y=
our current LON-CAPA session must be hosted on the home library &nbsp;<br>s=
erver for the author of the resource.<br><br>In your case your session was =
on an access server (a2.educog.com) so &nbsp;<br>the "Edit" item was not di=
splayed. &nbsp;This is also why the "select" &nbsp;<br>button in your roles=
 screen for the author role is replaced with a &nbsp;<br>switch server link=
.<br><br>When you login to monroe.loncapa.net the log-in page for the educo=
g &nbsp;<br>library server will be displayed. &nbsp;However, if the current=
 "User Load" &nbsp;<br>is 100% on that server, after successful authenticat=
ion your session &nbsp;<br>will be offloaded to one of the educog access se=
rvers. &nbsp;The User Load &nbsp;<br>is displayed on a server's log-in page=
.<br><br>If you are offloaded, and you know you will most likely want to ed=
it a &nbsp;<br>resource, you could use switch server from the roles screen =
to switch &nbsp;<br>over to the library server when you first log-in. &nbsp=
;Once the session is &nbsp;<br>switched to educog.com you could then return=
 to the roles screen and &nbsp;<br>select the CC role for the course you wi=
sh to work in. &nbsp;Thereafter for &nbsp;<br>that session the "Edit" link =
would be available in the inline menu for &nbsp;<br>resources in the course=
 for which you are author/co-author. &nbsp; Of &nbsp;<br>course this does f=
urther load the server reporting 100% load, but &nbsp;<br>authors/co-author=
s are only a small fraction of the LON-CAPA users in &nbsp;<br>the educog d=
omain.<br><br>A future change in LON-CAPA that could be considered would be=
 to &nbsp;<br>convert the "Edit" link to point at switchserver instead of d=
irectly &nbsp;<br>at the resource in cases where the user's session is not =
on the home &nbsp;<br>server of the resource author.<br><br>Stuart Raeburn<=
br>MSU LON-CAPA group<br><br><br>&gt; I am logged in as the Course Coordina=
tor; basically I do most &nbsp;<br>&gt; everything as CC. One man shop, so =
there aren't other roles really &nbsp;<br>&gt; available (other than author=
) and I am the only publisher. I have &nbsp;<br>&gt; logged out, logged bac=
k in in case the initialization didn't work &nbsp;<br>&gt; for some reason;=
 it has been happening now for a week or more.<br>&gt;<br>&gt; I don't know=
 how to tell if the course and author space are on the &nbsp;<br>&gt; same =
server. &nbsp;I log into my domain (monroe).<br>&gt;<br>&gt; When I get to =
the problem (as CC), the url is something like &nbsp;<br>&gt; <a href=3D"ht=
roe/brewington/more</a> stuff.<br>&gt;<br>&gt; Hmm, when I go to Switch Rol=
es, the Author option says "Switch &nbsp;<br>&gt; Server". Changing to Auth=
or creates a url like &nbsp;<br>&gt; <a href=3D"http://educog.com/priv/brew=
ington/more">http://educog.com/priv/brewington/more</a> &gt; stuff. Does th=
is mean &nbsp;<br>&gt; something?<br>&gt;<br>&gt; If so, how do I fix it so=
 I can edit my problems from CC? I'm not &nbsp;<br>&gt; aware of doing anyt=
hing to get myself on a2.educog.com.<br>&gt;<br>&gt; Thanks,<br>&gt; brew<b=
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