[LON-CAPA-users] Editing resource

Stuart Raeburn lon-capa-users@mail.lon-capa.org
Wed, 07 Oct 2009 13:01:17 -0400

For the shortcut "Edit" (to edit a resource in Construction Space for  
which you are author or co-author) to be displayed the following  
condition must be met:

Your current LON-CAPA session must be hosted on the home library  
server for the author of the resource.

In your case your session was on an access server (a2.educog.com) so  
the "Edit" item was not displayed.  This is also why the "select"  
button in your roles screen for the author role is replaced with a  
switch server link.

When you login to monroe.loncapa.net the log-in page for the educog  
library server will be displayed.  However, if the current "User Load"  
is 100% on that server, after successful authentication your session  
will be offloaded to one of the educog access servers.  The User Load  
is displayed on a server's log-in page.

If you are offloaded, and you know you will most likely want to edit a  
resource, you could use switch server from the roles screen to switch  
over to the library server when you first log-in.  Once the session is  
switched to educog.com you could then return to the roles screen and  
select the CC role for the course you wish to work in.  Thereafter for  
that session the "Edit" link would be available in the inline menu for  
resources in the course for which you are author/co-author.   Of  
course this does further load the server reporting 100% load, but  
authors/co-authors are only a small fraction of the LON-CAPA users in  
the educog domain.

A future change in LON-CAPA that could be considered would be to  
convert the "Edit" link to point at switchserver instead of directly  
at the resource in cases where the user's session is not on the home  
server of the resource author.

Stuart Raeburn

> I am logged in as the Course Coordinator; basically I do most  
> everything as CC. One man shop, so there aren't other roles really  
> available (other than author) and I am the only publisher. I have  
> logged out, logged back in in case the initialization didn't work  
> for some reason; it has been happening now for a week or more.
> I don't know how to tell if the course and author space are on the  
> same server.  I log into my domain (monroe).
> When I get to the problem (as CC), the url is something like  
> http://a2.educog.com/res/monroe/brewington/more stuff.
> Hmm, when I go to Switch Roles, the Author option says "Switch  
> Server". Changing to Author creates a url like  
> http://educog.com/priv/brewington/more > stuff. Does this mean  
> something?
> If so, how do I fix it so I can edit my problems from CC? I'm not  
> aware of doing anything to get myself on a2.educog.com.
> Thanks,
> brew