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Wed, 13 May 2009 12:06:10 -0400

I've been seeing the same behaviour as Robert with the RAT.  I thought  
it likely had something to do with our unique configuration (ppc64's),  
and since it was a fairly low priority for us at the moment had put  
off investigating until the end of our semester.  Out of curiosity,  
what versions LON-CAPA are you running?

Michael Dugdale
Department of Physics
John Abbott College
On 13-May-09, at 10:23 AM, Ray Batchelor wrote:

> Not sure what you are doing...
> When I refer to "RAT", I mean the "Advanced Edit" mode for editing a
> sequence in CSTR.
> I just now, tried this out again and it works.
> 1) created a new assembled sequence in CSTR
> 2) clicked on it and selected "Simple Edit"
> 3)Imported a couple of problem resources.
> 4)Saved.
> 5)clicked on "Advanced Edit".
> 6)clicked on the resource holder to which I want to apply an alias.
> 7)clicked on "Set Parameters"
> 8)located the parameter "Resource alias name for conditions [Part: 0]
> parameter_0_mapalias".
> 9)typed a string of text into the "Value" vield
> (in this example I entered "A" as my alias for the resource).
> 10) clicked on "Enter" link
> 11) in new popup clicked "Save"
> (I realize there may be some redundancy in steps 9-11, but I am
> describing what just worked...)
> 12) checked the box "Set?" for this parameter.
> 13) scrolled to the bottom of the form and clicked "Set" button.
> 14) Clicked "Save map and layout".
> If I then publish this sequence and import it into my course, I can
> then use the expression below (in any other published resource
> included in the course)
> $v0=&EXT('user.resource.resource.11.12.submission','A');
> to retrieve the current submission for part id="11" and response
> id="12" for the aliased resource.
> This works fine for me here.
> I hope that your LON-CAPA installation can reproduce this?
> If I bother to look in my published sequence file I see the xml:
> <param to="1" value="A" name="parameter_0_mapalias" type="string" />
> for what that's worth.  However, I never do so, because the procedure
> above seems to work fine for me.
> One final observation: once  "Advanced Edit"  has been used to save
> this sequence including the map alias parameter, then I am no longer
> allowed to use the "Simple Edit" option, but only see an "Edit" button
> for this sequence, which opens the advanced edit mode.
> If this does not work for you, then... "over to Stuart".
> Good luck,
> Ray
> On Wed, May 13, 2009 at 6:21 AM,  <Robert_Brewington@er.monroe.edu>  
> wrote:
>> Wow, this is getting worse by the moment.
>> When I run RAT, it doesn't allow me to import anything. In the import
>> process I can select resoources, it gets to the screen where I can  
>> re-order
>> the resources, but the "Finish Import" button does nothing.
>> I used the simple editor to put two resources into the sequence.  
>> The I ran
>> RAT hoping to set the mapalias parameter. There seems to be no  
>> editing
>> capability? I can see a list of metadata (the <m> link), which  
>> refers to the
>> mapalias but gives no ability to edit. There is a ? link which runs  
>> the
>> resource. Clicking on the arrows between the two resources does  
>> nothing
>> (used to bring up the decision editing block).
>> Saving the map then deleted all the resources and left me with an  
>> empty
>> map:(
>> So, RAT doesn't seem to want to let me do anything. I tried setting  
>> the
>> mapalias directly in the first problem, making up the statement
>> <parameter name="mapalias" id="110" default="MyBusProblem"
>> type="string_mapaliastype" description="mapalias" />
>> which did not work, not surprising since I am making up statements:)
>> I have previously set the mapalias to "BusProblem" using the  
>> Parameter
>> Setting screen for the first problem. As Ray indicated, the second  
>> problem
>> is not able to find the submission to the first problem.
>> Any other clues? Stuart, et al have any suggestions?
>> Thanks,
>> brew
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