[LON-CAPA-users] Cloning a course as CC

Stuart Raeburn lon-capa-users@mail.lon-capa.org
Sun, 23 Aug 2009 16:56:29 -0400


>> Currently, only DCs can clone. The setting itself comes in for the owner of
>> the course, i.e., the initial Course Coordinator.

> It would be nice for the initial CC to be able to clone the course so
> the DC doesn't have to do it every semester. Is this what this setting
> eventually is going to be for?

Yes, although this is not so far away, as the forthcoming 2.9 includes  
the ability for Domain Coordinators to set who will have access to a  
course request form, accessible from the Main Menu.  The request form  
includes the ability to specify a course to clone (and a pop-up window  
to search for cloneable courses).

The Domain Coordinator can configure how course requests submitted via  
this mechanism will be handled: (a) held in a queue pending DC  
approval; (b) held in a queue pending administrative action (assuming  
integration with Campus systems); (c) created immediately until a  
course limit is reached etc.  Needless to say this is quite granular  
so different processing can occur depending on the identity of the  
requester and the type of course.  In general, course requests in a  
given domain will only be available to users from that domain,  
although users from other domains can be granted permission to submit  
course requests on a user-by-user basis.

In 2.9, by default, the ability to submit course requests in a domain  
will not be enabled.

Stuart Raeburn