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Wed, 08 Apr 2009 10:12:33 -0600


A couple more observations.  First, as Stefan hints at below, you will
have to create a problem, or at least a part, by hand, for each project
you want evaluated.

Second, based on your description, it sounds like you could have
students uploading some pretty large files.  The default *total*
portfolio storage space for a course is 20 MB.  I wouldn't be surprised
if just one of your projects, as described, exceeds that.  So if you go
the portfolio route, you will absolutely need to have your Domain
Coordinator up the portfolio quota for your course, assuming that space
is available on the server.

I'm not sure if the portfolio quota also applies to the "upload"
problems or not.  But you still might want to check with your Domain
Coordinator and confirm the available storage space.


Stefan Bisitz wrote:
> Hi Mike,
> There is are portfolio spaces - a course wide one and one for each
> student.
> 1) Share files
> a) Each student could upload his/her file in his/her own portfolio space
> and make it public (different privileges possible). These files can be
> accessed by the others by going to the personal information pages.
> Making the course roster accessible to all course members is helpful
> since a link to each personal page is provided there.
> b) You, as Course Coordinator, can upload all the files in the course
> wide portfolio space. Each student can access it via the main menu.
> 2) Rank
> To let the students rank the files you can create surveys (needing
> authoring privileges) or use a simple problem directly in the course.
> Surveys are very similar to homework problems but give different
> feedback and can't be got correct/incorrect, just submitted status.
> Survey reports are also included in LON-CAPA.
> Is this helpful?
> Stefan Bisitz
> On 08.04.2009, 10:16 -0400, Michael Kenney wrote:
> Hi all....I have a request for some advice.
>> I am in the process of collecting "projects" from my class. These may
> take the form of Word docs, PowerPoint presentations, Video files, pdf,
> etc. I have created an "upload doc" question so I can collect these.
>> Here is the challenge. Is there a way that I can grant access to ALL
> the other class users to view these presentations and rank them within
> CAPA? I can do it on an external website but it would be very helpful to
> keep it in one place.
>> Thanks for any advice. I'll post some lessons learned AFTER I have
> evaluated the projects from this class of 300 (Yes, I am a bit off ;-)
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