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part 1 of your problem is covered in
part 2 in
Source code of both should be visible. So you would simply have to 
combine the two.

I hope you can make sense out of the problem although the wording is 
German. In general, if you find the problems useful, please to not 
hesitate to ask us for a translation. We will happily do that.



Stefan Bisitz wrote:

> On Friday, October 3, 2008 5:43 pm, Lon Mitchell wrote:
>>What are the possible interactions among multiple response boxes in 
>>a question?  I have found examples of questions where a custom 
>>response boxes are used, and a perl routine compares the separate
>>inputs, for example, to check the off-diagonal elements of a
>>matrix to see if it is symmetric, but this seems to limit  the
>>computer algebra system role in evaluating the result.  In
>>particular, is it possible to have non-custom 
>>response boxes interact?
>>For an example that might justify the above, what about asking 
>>"Give a 2x2 symmetric matrix with no zero entries and calculate
>>its characteristic polynomial" (perhaps this could be a leading 
>>question to a discussion about symmetric matrix eigenvalues).
>>We could use custom response boxes to check that the matrix is
>>symmetric and has no zero entries using perl, but it would then
>>be nice to invoke maxima to find the characteristic polynomial
>>and provide it to a standard formula response box to check the
>>other student entry.
>>Finally, are multiple response boxes the best way to ask for a 
>>matrix answer?
>>Lon Mitchell
> Hi Lon,
> You could use the function &cas() to call maxima within a perl script
> block. This allows to access the computer algebra system in custom
> response. Please visit the online help for details.
> At Wolfenbuettel University we created some of these kind of matrix
> problems in the way you described. Yes, multiple response boxes are
> useful for this. Peter Riegler and Susanne Bellmer may wish to add more
> comments.
> By the way, is your brother called Capa? ;-)
> (I hope you don't take this too seriously...)
> Stefan Bisitz
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