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Tue, 07 Oct 2008 14:54:48 -0400

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Thanks for your reply Stefan.

> You could use the function &cas() to call maxima within a perl script
> block. This allows to access the computer algebra system in custom
> response. Please visit the online help for details.

In this case, is it possible to recreate the capabilities of other types 
of response boxes (for example, formula response boxes) without too much 
effort?  For instance, in my original example, is there an easy way to 
use &cas() to see if the &cas-calculated characteristic polynomial is 
equivalent to the student's response, just as a formula response box 
could (and with as many optional ways of doing so) if we knew an answer 

> At Wolfenbuettel University we created some of these kind of matrix
> problems in the way you described. Yes, multiple response boxes are
> useful for this. Peter Riegler and Susanne Bellmer may wish to add more
> comments.
Your examples online have been my inspiration so far, and I am grateful 
that you share your source code.

> By the way, is your brother called Capa?  ;-) 
> (I hope you don't take this too seriously...)

No, his name is Jeff.  I have thought about changing my last name however...

Thanks Again,

Lon Mitchell

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