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Hi Ed,
             Thanks for the suggestions.  I'd like to  start working
on this today but it's already a full day full day for me.  I'm also
waiting for some local feedback on some of these points.

I have a question for you though.  I am thinking of suggesting that
attendees aim to stay on campus for the convenience.  If people are
staying in Vancouver, it would by a fair commute to get up Burnaby
Mountain for a morning session.  Whereas, family members who'd be
wanting to sight-see have more time and options.  How do you see your
stay here unfolding, (as a case study)?

Gerd and Stuart and Guy have all stayed in SFU housing  and have some
idea of the quality.


On 9/14/07, Edwin Kashy <kashy@nscl.msu.edu> wrote:
> Hello Ray, Gerd,
>  I think it would be good to have information on the web site re/
> May22-24 conference
> fairly soon, as airlines have 'sales' that can make a bid difference.
>  Also it would be good to include  info about housing and registration.
> In particular,
> since it is such a beautiful setting, there may be family accompanying
> the loncapa users.
> My suggestions, rough draft.:
>  Conference participant registration fee (includes social events):  $XXX.00
>  Accompanying person, 18 or over  (social events): $XX.00
>  Accompanying person, under 18 (social events): $xx.00
>  Housing accommodation (valid from 5/20? through 5/27?): 1 Single bed
> $yy/day
>      2 beds $yy/day
>  Campus Parking pass: $Z.00/day
> Arrangements have also been made with 'blanketyblank' hotel in Vancouver
> for special rates valid for
> bookings made before May 2, 2008 (Put Link explanining)
> Regards,
> Ed
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