[LON-CAPA-users] Titration problem--extracting limited data from an array

Robley Light lon-capa-users@mail.lon-capa.org
Thu, 24 May 2007 10:02:02 -0400

I'm hoping someone can suggest a better way to handle this, either by coding
or by a mathmatical manipulation.
Is this something that maxima could do?

I found the code for plotting titration curves at Tom O'Havers' web site:
monoprotic acid: http://www.wam.umd.edu/~toh/models/TitrationDemo.html
triprotic acid: http://www.wam.umd.edu/~toh/models/Titration.html

So this is easy to code for gnuplot.  For example, in the problem

I generate the arrays to be plotted as follows:

<script type="loncapa/perl">

for ($pH=0; $pH<=12.99; $pH+=0.33){
    push @pH, $pH;
  $Hconc = 10**-$pH;
    push @Hconc, $Hconc;
  $VolB =
    push @VolB, $VolB;

As O'Haver points out, this is an "inverse" solution, where [H+] is the
independent variable and the volume of base is the dependent variable, even
though one is plotting the other way.

This array gives a set of values in @pH and @VolB that vary in regular
increments of $pH (of 0.33 units), which is okay for plotting purposes. (I
could make the increments as small as I like).

What I would like to do for a different prelab problem is to generate array
data that is in regular increments of $VolB (say 0.05 mL), or roughly if not
exactly regular increments,--which is more like data one is likely to
generate in a lab titration. I want to present these array values in a table
rather than in a plot.

Short of solving the equation specifically for [H+] as a function of VolB
(probably possible in this case, very complicated in the di- and tri-protic
acid cases), is there a way to extract such data from the arrays generated
by the above code?  My Perl knowledge is relatively limited.


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