[LON-CAPA-users] proctor password

Lars Jensen lon-capa-users@mail.lon-capa.org
Mon, 26 Mar 2007 13:40:12 -0700

Hi Guy,

I'm not sure what goes wrong, but the proctor is not able to validate 
the resources. The error is:

Access  : Browse resources
Resource: /res/msu/physicslib/msuphysicslib/05_1D_Motion/msu-prob54.problem
Action  : Invalid Access


Sorry ...
This action is currently not authorized.

Any tips on how to get beyond this?

PS: As a separate comment - note that the URL is not encrypted even 
though I set it to be so.

Guy Albertelli II wrote:
> Hi Lars,
>> When I do the below, a student who accesses a resource in the folder 
>> just sees a button "Sign up for time to work." (And when the button is 
>> clicked lon-capa states "No available times.")
>> Why does this button pop up?
> To support the possibility of 'Student Schedulable' slots ( so that
> the student can be presented with a list of possible slots and pick
> when and where they want to do it.)
> In the case of there being no possible slots I agree the button
> shouldn't show up.
> I'm not sure how to control this. (Detecting the existance of student
> schedulable slots is likely one way, another might be to just give the
> control to the instructor.)
> But currently I believe it always shows.
>> Lars.
>> Guy Albertelli II wrote:
>>> Hi Lars,
>>>> Is it possible to set a proctor password for a folder of problems 
>>>> (homework set/exam) for a student? I tried to do this with slots, but I 
>>>> wasn't able to...
>>> Yes, you should be able to do this using slots.
>>> The process should be
>>> - create the slot
>>>    - PARM -> Mange Course Slots -> Create A New Slot
>>>    - Fill in the information, From what you say here, I'm guessing you
>>>      want an instructor assigned slot
>>> - nav to a resource in the folder
>>> - click on PPRM and set folder wide
>>>     - Open Date, Due Date, Answer Date (The opendate and duedate
>>>     should be at least a large a scope as the dates on the slot)
>>>     - "Use slot based access control" to 
>>>       "Yes, and the scope of student selected slot is the enclosing
>>>       map/folder. When checking in, all resources in the map/folder
>>>       are checked in.."
>>>     - "Slots of availability" to the name of the slot you created
>>> When Viewing the problem after the open date but before the slot's
>>> start time, you will see the text
>>> "Not open to be viewed, Will be next available: <description text that
>>> you set on the slot>"
>>> - You can modify any aspects of a slot at any time by going through
>>>   PARM -> Mange Course Slots and clicking the Edit link next to the
>>>   slot's listing in the table. 
>>> - If you have created multiple slots, you can have all of these be
>>>   available for use by listing them in the 
>>>    "Slots of availability" as a colon separated list
>>>   Students will be allowed to only use one of these slots. Once they
>>>   are checked in they will need to complete the problems.
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