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Todd Ruskell lon-capa-users@mail.lon-capa.org
Wed, 11 Jul 2007 16:51:37 -0600


In Preferences, you can change how equations are displayed:  "convert to 
images", "jsMath", or "TeXtoHTML".  I got the prettiest results with 
"convert to images", but Robley seems to like jsMath.  I generally 
prefer jsMath, as well, but for me, on this laptop, I didn't think it 
was quite as good.

Robley's code shows how you can override a user's individual settings 
and force a piece of math code to be rendered with a specific engine. 
This can be nice, if you know your code doesn't work at all well with an 
engine, but it can also cause problems if a user isn't well set up to 
use the rendering you choose.  However, I suspect this is becoming less 
and less of a problem.

I seem to remember another thread on Math rendering earlier this spring. 
  You may want to look that up, too.

On this Linux Laptop, using Firefox, I got something resembling 
the desired output with all three renderings.  TeXtoHTML is always ugly, 
but it looked as close as I generally expect it to.  As I don't use 
Windows unless forced to, I can't comment on IE.


Jay Sullivan wrote:
> Hi Todd,
> Thanks for your reply. This doesn't seem to display correctly on 
> firefox, but does work somewhat on IE.
> Could you clarify what you mean "the image display"?
> Thanks,
> Jay
> On 7/10/07, *Todd Ruskell* <truskell@mines.edu 
> <mailto:truskell@mines.edu>> wrote:
>     Jay,
>     Looks like your best bet is something like this:
>     <m>\[x+5\overline{\big)x^2+4x+5}\]</m>
>     It's not quite a closed curve above the \big), but it is pretty close.
>     I suppose you could also try \bigg) instead to see what happens.  I got
>     best results with the image display.
>     Todd
>     Jay Sullivan wrote:
>      > Is there a way to get a long division symbol to display correctly
>     on the
>      > screen? For example if I want to represent long polynomial division,
>      > like x+5 divided into x^2+4x+5.
>      >
>      > Copy and paste from mathtype gives be the following code:
>      >
>      > <m>\[x + 5\left){\vphantom{1{x^2  + 4x +
>      > 5}}}\right.\!\!\!\!\overline{\,\,\,\vphantom 1{{x^2  + 4x +
>     5}}}\]</m>
>      >
>      > However, it is not displayed correctly on the screen. I get something
>      > involving " \vphantom" rather than the curvy part of the division
>     symbol.
>      >
>      > Suggestions most appreciated.
>      > Thanks,
>      > Jay
>      >
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