[LON-CAPA-users] parts per million as a unit

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<div>I would also like to see it added; it is part of the New York State Hi=
gh School Chemistry curriculum.<br><br>brew<br></div><font color=3D"#990099=
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ont face=3D"monospace" size=3D"3">I gather that ppm is not an acceptable un=
it in LON-CAPA. &nbsp;Is that correct?<br>(When I try to enter it as a unit=
, I get an error message that the computer<br>answer is wrong, and either t=
he tolerance or the sig fig should be<br>changed--even though the answer is=
 within both).<br><br>Does anyone else think this is a feature we should ha=
ve (with, perhaps<br>conversions to ppb,ppt and pph --parts per billion, pa=
rts per thousand and<br>parts per hundred, or %), and conversions to, for e=
xample, mg/kg? &nbsp;It is<br>easy enough to not include the unit in the an=
swer and just enter it outside<br>the textbox.<br><br>Robley<br><br>*******=
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