[LON-CAPA-users] New imported problem issue

Guy Albertelli II lon-capa-users@mail.lon-capa.org
Thu, 5 Jul 2007 21:59:38 -0400 (EDT)

Hi Brew,

> 1) As Course Coordinator, I went to folder
> /res/monroe/Chemistry/Labs/06-Gases. I created a subfolder Molar Volume,
> then imported several files into this folder. Do the re-initialize thing.

I assume you mean as CC have a '06-Gases' folder in your course, which
you can create a 'Molar Volume' subfolder in, then import resources
from /res/monroe/... into this sub-folder.

> 2) Now I go to a student Spreadsheet. I see the imported problems twice!
> Once under 06-Gases, then again under Molar Volume.

I can recreate this. I filed it as 

> 3) I try to assign an assessment to the problems - it doesn't take.

I assume you mean 'parameter' not 'assessment'

> I first
> try at the folder level, using the dropdown under the folder name, which
> should distribute the assessment against all the problems in the folder. No
> effect. I then try to assign directly to an individual problem - again no
> effect.

I had no problem with this (in my test course I have 'Upper Folder',
inside of it is 'Lower Folder' inside of that is some problems)

Main Menu -> PARM -> Set/Modify Resource Parameters - Table Mode

I change the 'Select Enclosing Map or Folder' to 'Lower Folder'

Click 'Update Parameter Display'

I Changed to entry 'Maximum Number of Tries (maxtries)' to 145 and

I then navigate to the problem and it is showing 145 tries available.

Can you tell me what you did different from this?

> I remembered this odd thing in navigate contents, where the system leaves
> out the topmost directory when there is only one sequence/folder under the
> previous level.

It should leave out the bottom one (and my test shows this to be true)

Again with the test setup of 'Upper Folder', inside of it is 'Lower
Folder' inside of that is some problems, The folder 'Lower Folder' is
not shown in NAV view.

(This is a design feature for when one need to have holding folders
for things like setting hidden or randomly select and don't want them
to clutter up the course structure.)

> So, I added an empty folder sibling to Molar Volume:
> .....06-Gases/Molar Volume/problems in here
> .....06-Gases/DummyFolder
> Now everything works correctly. Problems only display once, under Molar
> Volume, and assessments get assigned.
> This looks like something broken to me?

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