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Hi Guy,

This is getting closer. Let me lay out my actual files, so I can keep my
examples straight.

An author's directory listing shows
Name                 Title
EmptyJudge.page      Empty Judge 12
  consists of
EmptyProb.problem    [untitled]
JudgeCheck.problem   Play Judge Check

In the Course Documents/Administrative folder, EmptyJudge.page is imported
and renamed to
Empty Judge 15
(the 12 and 15 are just random numbers so I can distinguish what title I am

Goal: I want to get "Empty Judge 15", the title the student sees at the top
of the page.

resource.title gives Play Judge Check, the title of the current problem

resource.map (and resource.map.title, resource.map.name,
resource.map.displaytitle, resource.map.map.title, resource.map.map.name,
resource.map.map.displaytitle, resource.map.garbage) gives
Apparently once I say resource.map, it doesn't matter what I append to

map.anything returns blank.

So, close but no cigar. I still can't quite get the "Empty Judge 15" string
into my script.

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Hi Brew,

> Within a problem on a page, I am trying to retrieve the name of the page.
> have spent several hours now trying various combinations of &EXT()
> with no luck.
> Structure is:
> myPage.page  has a title of "My Page"
> contains     problem1.problem
>              problem2.problem
> problem2 needs to obtain the string "My Page".


Let me know if any of that needs explaining...

I'll likely try to work on the ext_examples.problem more to get more
complete documentation in there...

> I thought I should be able to use displaytitle somehow,

Hmm, I could add something like <displaytitle level="1" /> or
maybe <displaytitle resource="...symb or url..." />

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