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John Merrill lon-capa-users@mail.lon-capa.org
Wed, 10 Jan 2007 16:24:52 -0500

> !- cannot use this with bubble sheet exams

Drat. Scrambled order is the main use I would have for the function. 
The lon-capa bubble sheet exams are of great interest, but the nature 
of our typical questions are such that we hesitate to use some of the 
individualizations we typically love for homework, as they introduce 
different difficulties. Better for us will be to scramble the order of 
questions. We are NOT interested in random selection of questions, 
since, again, this introduces different difficulties. As it stands now, 
we would have to use all the same options for every student (to avoid 
the change in difficulty) and have only the order of options change 
with exam version. Utility of individualization is reduced because we 
write a lot of "none of the above" and "a and b, but not c are 
correct", which are position specific. To further complicate things, 
when doing this the old fashioned way (non L-C) we typically keep all 
questions of a certain content area together, since we have evidence 
that there are position effects on performance. For example, we might 
cover enzymes, photosynthesis, and respiration on a given midterm. We 
would scramble within topic, but not between. So I'm keeping in 
reserve, for when lon-capa allows scrambled order, a complaint that it 
doesn't allow me to specify within groups only!


On Jan 10, 2007, at 11:39 AM, Guy Albertelli II wrote:

> Hi Mark,
>> I know this has been bandied about a number of times. I also know the
>> current "best practice" shifts from release to release sometimes 8)
>> What's the best way to do the following things?
>> * I have 10 questions - I want a student to get 5 of them.
> In DOCS create  a folder with these 10 questions, on the folder set
> 'Randomly Pick' to 5
> Re-init course.
> !- cannot use this with bubble sheet exams
>> * I have 10 questions - I want a student to get 5 of them in random 
>> order.
>> * I have 10 questions - I want a student to get all 10 but in random
>> order.
> For both of these. The good solution doesn't yet exist. (Marking a
> sequence as 'randomly ordered') but has a design. Implmentation will
> be a bit tricky.
> The paritial solution of make a container.problem that loads in
> .library files that contain the problems works, but has the draw back
> that you can't use any old problem in the network.
>> By the way, are the "practice" style questions in place and what are 
>> the
>> nuances of their use?
> Ayup.
> PPRM -> 'Question Type' set it to 'practice'
> - Questions will no longer be considered gradable objects
>   (they won't appear in CHRT, STAT or SPRS)
> - students will get the 'New Problem Variation' button
> - interactions with the resource are logged into the activity.log but
>   not stored with the problem, (PGRD won't show any submissions)
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