[LON-CAPA-users] formula response or maxima response example requested

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Tue, 11 Dec 2007 13:13:14 -0500

<div>This whole problem sounds similar to a problem I encountered - when te=
sting drop box problems as CC or Author (on educog), the drop box does not =
show. It does show correctly for students.<br><br>I do not have other serve=
rs for testing, but Guy tried it and it seemed to work for him. I am suppos=
ed to write a bug report...<br><br>brew<br></div><font color=3D"#990099">--=
---lon-capa-users-admin@mail.lon-capa.org wrote: -----<br><br></font><block=
quote style=3D"border-left: 2px solid rgb(0, 0, 0); padding-right: 0px; pad=
ding-left: 5px; margin-left: 5px; margin-right: 0px;">To: lon-capa-users@ma=
il.lon-capa.org<br>From: "Jay Sullivan" &lt;jmsloncapa@gmail.com&gt;<br>Sen=
t by: lon-capa-users-admin@mail.lon-capa.org<br>Date: 12/11/2007 12:42PM<br=
>Subject: Re: [LON-CAPA-users] formula response or maxima response example =
requested<br><br>Stefan,<br><br>Thanks for your mail. Here's my results:<br=
><br>I just tested it from the VCU domain (running 2.4.2):<br>As author ...=
 ok<br>As CC ... ok<br><br>Tested from the bccc domain (educog server):<br>=
As author ... ok<br>As DC ... ok<br>As CC ... =5Fnot=5F ok&nbsp;&nbsp;&nbsp=
;&nbsp;&nbsp;&nbsp;&nbsp;&nbsp;&nbsp;&nbsp;&nbsp;&nbsp;&nbsp; &lt;------- !=
!!!!!!!!!!!!<br>As student ... =5Fnot=5F ok &nbsp;&nbsp;&nbsp;&nbsp;&nbsp;&=
nbsp; &lt;------- !!!!!!!!!!!!!<br><br>So, it seems like something weird is=
 happening on the educog server. Would it be possible for someone else on t=
he educog server to view this problem as CC to see if it is functioning on =
y=5Ffrm=5Fpolyfromzeros01.problem<br><br>Thanks,<br>Jay<br><br><br><div cla=
ss=3D"gmail=5Fquote">On Dec 11, 2007 10:44 AM, Stefan Bisitz &lt;<a href=3D=
; wrote:<br><blockquote class=3D"gmail=5Fquote" style=3D"border-left: 1px s=
olid rgb(204, 204, 204); margin: 0pt 0pt 0pt 0.8ex; padding-left: 1ex;">Hi =
Jay,<br><br>I don't know if this helps but I'd like to inform you just in c=
ase:<br><br>I tested Peter's problem on an old local test server with LON-C=
APA 2.4.2<br>(lonmaxima 1.30 and <a href=3D"http://lonmaxima.pm" target=3D"=
=5Fblank">lonmaxima.pm</a> 1.16).<br>As author... ok<br>As CC... ok<br>As s=
tudent... ok<br><br>By the way, in some cases, there could occur a sign err=
or in the given<br>value for f(0). Peter?!?<br><font color=3D"#888888"><br>=
Stefan<br></font><div class=3D"Ih2E3d"><br><br>----- Original Message -----=
<br>From: Jay Sullivan &lt;
<a href=3D"mailto:jmsloncapa@gmail.com">jmsloncapa@gmail.com</a>&gt;<br>Dat=
e: Tuesday, December 11, 2007 0:42 am<br>Subject: Re: [LON-CAPA-users] form=
ula response or maxima response<br>example requested<br><br></div><div><div=
></div><div class=3D"Wj3C7c">&gt; Guy,<br>&gt;<br>&gt; Can you try to acces=
s the problem as CC of a course to see how it<br>&gt; behaves?If I access i=
t as CC from the VCU domain it works fine.<br>&gt; Could it be a<br>&gt; pr=
oblem isolated on the educog server?<br>&gt;<br>&gt; Thanks,<br>&gt; Jay<br=
>&gt;<br>&gt;<br>&gt; On Dec 10, 2007 11:47 AM, Guy Albertelli II &lt;<a hr=
ef=3D"mailto:guy@albertelli.com">guy@albertelli.com</a>&gt;<br>&gt; wrote:<=
br>&gt; &gt; Hi Jay,<br>&gt; &gt;<br>&gt; &gt; &gt; Also, to further clarif=
y. I see the exact same issue with the<br>&gt; version&gt; &gt; published b=
y Peter:<br>&gt; &gt; &gt;<br>&gt; &gt; &gt; When I view the following as a=
n author, it works just fine:<br>&gt; &gt; &gt;<br>&gt; &gt;<br>&gt;<br>/re=
;<br>&gt;<br>&gt; &gt; &gt; When I view the same problem as CC, it doesn't =
work (no<br>&gt; feedback on<br>&gt; &gt; &gt; submission of an answer).<br=
>&gt; &gt;<br>&gt; &gt; Hmm, works for me as educogdc on educog.com...<br>&=
gt; &gt;<br>&gt; &gt; What browser/OS env are you attempting to answer this=
 as?<br>&gt; &gt;<br>&gt; &gt; Are you pressing the submit answer button or=
 hitting enter?<br>&gt; &gt;<br>&gt; &gt; &gt;<br>&gt; &gt; &gt; Thanks,<br=
>&gt; &gt; &gt; Jay<br>&gt; &gt; &gt;<br>&gt; &gt; &gt;<br>&gt; &gt; &gt; O=
n Dec 10, 2007 6:25 AM, Jay Sullivan &lt;<a href=3D"mailto:jmsloncapa@gmail=
</a>&gt;<br>&gt; wrote:&gt; &gt;<br>&gt; &gt; &gt; &gt; As author I was run=
ning on the VCU server, which is running<br>&gt; version&gt; 2.4.2<br>&gt; =
&gt; &gt; &gt; As CC and student I was testing it on the educog server, run=
ning<br>&gt; &gt; version<br>&gt; &gt; &gt; &gt; 2.5.2<br>&gt; &gt; &gt; &g=
t;<br>&gt; &gt; &gt; &gt; I just now published it on the educog server as w=
ell. As<br>&gt; author on the<br>&gt; &gt; &gt; &gt; educog server it behav=
es as expected. As CC on the educog<br>&gt; server the<br>&gt; &gt; new<br>=
&gt; &gt; &gt; &gt; source location has the exact same problem.<br>&gt; &gt=
; &gt; &gt;<br>&gt; &gt; &gt; &gt; Suggestions?<br>&gt; &gt; &gt; &gt;<br>&=
gt; &gt; &gt; &gt; Best,<br>&gt; &gt; &gt; &gt; Jay<br>&gt; &gt; &gt; &gt;<=
br>&gt; &gt; &gt; &gt;<br>&gt; &gt; &gt; &gt;<br>&gt; &gt; &gt; &gt; On Dec=
 10, 2007 4:04 AM, Stefan Bisitz &lt;st.bisitz@fh-<br>&gt; <a href=3D"http:=
//wolfenbuettel.de" target=3D"=5Fblank">wolfenbuettel.de
</a>&gt;&gt; &gt; &gt; wrote:<br>&gt; &gt; &gt; &gt;<br>&gt; &gt; &gt; &gt;=
 &gt; Hi Jay,<br>&gt; &gt; &gt; &gt; &gt;<br>&gt; &gt; &gt; &gt; &gt;<br>&g=
t; &gt; &gt; &gt; &gt; Jay Sullivan wrote:<br>&gt; &gt; &gt; &gt; &gt; &gt;=
 Okay, so I thought everything was working okay, but now I<br>&gt; am not<b=
r>&gt; &gt; so<br>&gt; &gt; &gt; &gt; &gt; &gt; sure.When I use the maxima =
response it only seems to work<br>&gt; in the<br>&gt; &gt; &gt; &gt; &gt; &=
gt; context author.<br>&gt; &gt; &gt; &gt; &gt; &gt;<br>&gt; &gt; &gt; &gt;=
 &gt; &gt; When I try it as a student or CC, nothing happens. The<br>&gt; s=
ubmission&gt; &gt; &gt; &gt; &gt; box gets<br>&gt; &gt; &gt; &gt; &gt; &gt;=
 cleared and their is no feedback from loncapa. As author<br>&gt; it works<=
br>&gt; &gt; &gt; &gt; &gt; &gt; just fine.<br>&gt; &gt; &gt; &gt; &gt; &gt=
; Here's the file in question:<br>&gt; &gt; &gt; &gt; &gt; &gt;<br>&gt; &gt=
; &gt; &gt; &gt; &gt;<br>&gt; &gt; &gt; &gt; &gt;<br>&gt; &gt; &gt; &gt; &g=
t;<br>&gt; &gt;<br>&gt;<br>/res/vcu/jmsullivan/math/poly=5Frational=5Ffunct=
ions/poly=5Ffrm=5Fpolyfromzeros01.problem&gt;<br>&gt; &gt; &gt; &gt;<br>&gt=
; &gt; &gt; &gt; &gt; &gt; Any tips about what I'm doing wrong?<br>&gt; &gt=
; &gt; &gt; &gt;<br>&gt; &gt; &gt; &gt; &gt; If there were no maxima suppor=
ted, LON-CAPA would act<br>&gt; exactly the<br>&gt; &gt; way<br>&gt; &gt; &=
gt; &gt; &gt; you describe. Where are you author, where CC/student?<br>&gt;=
 Different&gt; &gt; &gt; &gt; machines?<br>&gt; &gt; &gt; &gt; &gt;<br>&gt;=
 &gt; &gt; &gt; &gt; It looks that you still use a server with a LON-CAPA<b=
r>&gt; version older<br>&gt; &gt; than<br>&gt; &gt; &gt; &gt; &gt;=20
2.4. Even 2.4.0 is not recommended since there has been some<br>&gt; &gt; i=
mportant<br>&gt; &gt; &gt; &gt; &gt; changes until now. Always up-to-date i=
s recommended.<br>&gt; &gt; &gt; &gt; &gt;<br>&gt; &gt; &gt; &gt; &gt;<br>&=
gt; &gt; &gt; &gt; &gt; Stefan Bisitz<br>&gt; &gt; &gt; &gt; &gt;<br>&gt; &=
gt; &gt; &gt; &gt; Institut f?r Medieninformatik<br>&gt; &gt; &gt; &gt; &gt=
; Fachhochschule Braunschweig/Wolfenb?ttel<br>&gt; &gt; &gt; &gt; &gt; Tel.=
: ++49(0)5331 939-6223<br>&gt; &gt; &gt; &gt; &gt; <a href=3D"mailto:st.bis=
itz@fh-wolfenbuettel.de">st.bisitz@fh-wolfenbuettel.de</a><br>&gt; &gt; &gt=
; &gt; &gt;<br>&gt; &gt; &gt; &gt; &gt; <a href=3D"http://www.fh-wolfenbuet=
tel.de/vita" target=3D"=5Fblank">http://www.fh-wolfenbuettel.de/vita</a><br=
>&gt; &gt; &gt; &gt; &gt;<br>&gt; &gt; &gt; &gt; &gt;<br>&gt; &gt; &gt; &gt=
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