[LON-CAPA-users] CSS: stylesheets within LON-CAPA problems?!?

Stefan Bisitz lon-capa-users@mail.lon-capa.org
Sat, 07 Oct 2006 18:42:53 +0200


Thanks so fare for the help. Two comments and two important questions:

> > How can I use stylesheets within LON-CAPA problems?

> There is a problem parameter 'CSS file to link (cssfile)'
> You can specify the desired cssfile there and the normal
> parameter cascading will take place.

Fine, even better!

> Currently it only affects .problem and .task,
> I'll add it to .html resources for 2.3.

Yes, please.

I played around with the parameter and some style files. I got it
working but I have still two big unsolved problems:

1) How to create and edit css files inside LON-CAPA (2.2.1)?

2) How to let the styles affect the whole problem area without the
header (menu, ...)?

Find below some test results for further information about what I tried
and what went wrong.

Stefan Bisitz

Test results 1 (create/edit css files):

Try a) create new file: "mystyle.css" or "mystyle"
    -> resource not available!
Try b) create new html-file: "mystyle.html"; insert css data, save and
publish; set css parameter
    -> the styles/file is ignored (Firefox 1.0.7)
Try c) Same like b, but change filename to "mystyle.css" before publishing
    -> works!
    But no editing and no renaming of the style file anymore possible

Test results 2 (affecting area for styles):
Try a)
<div class="main">

-> The whole site is changed, including the header. Not my intention.
Anyway, the menu looks awful with my style settings which are actually
ment to be used only for the problem, not for the menu.

Try b)
<div class="main">

-> works, but the submit button is placed AFTER the <div> block, so the
style settings only affect the part ABOVE the button.

Try c)
Style settings for <body> affect the right area: starts after the menu
and stops at the end of the page including the submit button. But it is
still not possible to define/access an area inside this local body which
includes the submit button.

I hope you understand what my intentions are.

Any ideas?