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Yes, I want the message to occur when the student hits "Submit All" on a

Students work these problems at their own pace (extra credit, basically),
and I need to be notified when the student has done a problem set. I can
retrieve the grades manually using spreadsheet, but this is awkward; I end
up having to track whether I already gave the student credit for the page.

I use another system for this now, but would like to convert to LonCapa.
The problems can be much better, and the multiple tries are good for this
application. The e-mail notification of the current system is very
convenient, however.

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Hi Brew,

> Does someone have a mechanism for having the system e-mail the
> instructor with the student's results (corect or not, number of
> tries) from a problem?
> I am assuming I would need to write a script that runs at completion
> of the page...

When do you want this to occur?

When the student submits answers?

The short answer is there isn't a mechanism for a .problem to force
sending a lon-capa message with a student's current status.

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