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<div>Hmm, awkward. Yes, I am setting up "practice exams" to prepare student=
s for our New York State exams in a couple of weeks.<br>
I have set up a number of sub-test exams, 15 questions apiece (I call
them sheets). These are basically questions from old exams.<br>
They get 1 try, so they can't just guess until they get it right. I
like the fact that the system doesn't tell them the correct answer,
forcing them to research the questions they get wrong. As they do more
sheets they should get higher percentages correct, assuming they learn
from their mistakes. As they work through sheets, the grading system
starts subtracting points for wrong answers, putting pressure on them
to learn from their mistakes.<br>
I do not want them to see their previous sheets once they have been
completed. The issues are 1) I don't want them looking back to give
answers to other students, and 2) many of the questions get re-used (or
are similar), I don't want them to refer back to previous sheets while
working their current sheet.<br>
At the end of the review time, I would then want to give access back so the=
y can study for the real test using their old sheets.<br>
They work at their own pace; this makes it difficult to turn off sheets
using the due date. Currently I have everything set to a due date of
June 12, the last day they can complete sheets. A given sheet might
have 20 students already having it completed, with 20 others not there
It sounds as though I need to live with this, at least for now.<br>
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ting viewing date<br><br><font face=3D"monospace" size=3D"3">Hi Robert,<br>=
<br>&gt; I saw somewhere that one can set dates in LonCapa so that<br>&gt; =
<br>&gt; 1) a page of problems opens up on a certain date.&lt;br&gt;<br>&gt=
; <br>&gt; 2) when the student submits the page, the page is no longer visi=
ble to the student until<br>&gt; <br>&gt; 3) another date, when they can no=
w see the page again.<br>&gt; <br>&gt; The starting date I have OK, but how=
 do I accomplish 2 &amp;amp; 3? I seem<br>&gt; to have a plethora of availa=
ble dates, but none sounding quite like<br>&gt; what I want.<br><br>All acc=
ess to viewing a resource is time based either with an explicit<br>time (Du=
e Date) or a relative time (Time-Limit [interval]). Once one<br>of these da=
tes is passed students can then only see the resource again<br>after the an=
swer date passes.<br><br><br>There is no mechanism to restrict access to vi=
ewing a resource based on<br>their interaction with that resource.<br><br>(=
There is a maxtries param which will restrict the number of answers<br>they=
 can submit but they are allowed to view the resource until<br>duedate/inte=
rval end occurs.)<br><br>Note that there is also a setting for whether or n=
ot students can<br>immeadiately see the grading of the resource.<br><br>I'm=
 guess you are trying to recreate an exam like situation on line.<br><br>We=
 have generally found that setting it so<br>- setting a time-limit of the e=
xam length<br>- setting a smallish number of tries (say 5 or so)<br>- setti=
ng 'Show Problem Status' to no<br><br>Recreates the exam like feel (student=
s can submit an answer and<br>possibly change their mind on that answer up =
until the time-limit<br>expires and then grading of those answers can be se=
nt out some time in<br>the future.)<br><br>Will this not work for you?<br><=
br>Thinking about how things are implemented it wouldn't be difficult to<br=
>make a change such that after tries are exhausted the problem goes<br>back=
 into closed mode until the answer date...<br>-- <br>guy@albertelli.com &nb=
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