[LON-CAPA-users] Retreiving Name of Course Document in a problem

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OK, I can put this on the back burner for awhile. I assume the 2.0 testing
in educog would happen by mid-August, since schools will start in late

It could be I am going about this the wrong way (no, seriously!), as in
there could be a better way.

What I want to do is:

Have one page sequence defined:   .../MyPage.page

Then import that page fifty times into Course Documents, renamed to Sheet1,
          Sheet 2, etc:
          CourseDocs/.../Sheet 1    (MyPage.page)
          CourseDocs/.../Sheet 2    (MyPage.page)
          CourseDocs/.../Sheet 3    (MyPage.page)

The problem is, all of the Sheets have the same randomization. A given
student sees the 50 sheets with identical information (different students
properly see different information). I want to change the randomization
within each sheet.

My brute force thought had been to retrieve the sheet name, retrieve the
number from the end of the name (Sheet 2 implies "2"), and change the usual
seed &external::randomseed by this amount.

I think I can copy MyPage.page 50 times, import each of the 50, and things
will work OK. I haven't tried that yet - seems like a pain from a
maintenance standpoint.

Is there a better way to tweak the randomization for each instance of a
sequence in Course Docs?

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Hi Brewm

> Hmm, this is basically what I am looking for - some reference to the
> enclosing map, or a parent, or something. Maybe something like
> resource.parent.parent.title or something...
> I tried the construct
>     &EXT('resource.title',&EXT('resource.map'));
> and it still gave me the name of the problem (rather than the name of the
> Course Document). I think the problem is that the
> &EXT('resource.map') piece gives an empty string, rather than a map name.

Shoot, 'resource.map' is a 2.2 feature.

Educog will likely upgrade to a 2.2 testing release sometime soon
(a few weeks at most)

If you need this sooner let me know and I can try adding just this
feature to educog sooner.

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