[LON-CAPA-users] Course Slots - What's that?

Guy Albertelli II lon-capa-users@mail.lon-capa.org
Mon, 6 Feb 2006 17:34:48 -0500 (EST)

Hi Ray,

> > Slots and resources exist seperately and associations needed to be
> > created between them through either PARM or the slotrequest screens
> >
> When and where do the students see slotrequest screens.... or do they?
> If not, how do they choose their slot(s).

When viewing an approiate resource the problem/task will automagically

- information if they are currently signed up for a time to work

- a "Sign up for time to work." button if they have not yet signed up

- a 'Change Reservation' button if they have signed up

Those will that the user to a screen listing all available slots that
they could sign for.

And allow them the options of changing reservations if or freeing
their reservation

> > Currently slot access requires protored access.
> >
> Define, please.

Er proctored.

When accessing a resource that is slotted it will show a screen that
requires a proctor to type in something in order for the user to get

who is a valid proctor is defined by the slot
what to type in can either be the proctors password or any 'secret
word' that the slot has had defined as a valid response

Currently this screen will also show the users official university
student photo if it's available.

> > Going through the
> > /adm/helper/newslot.helper
> >
> > Shows you the variety of possible options for a slot.
> > (Try both types, there are different options for both types)
> >
> Did this but still haven't seen any effect(s) when logged in as
> student.

To see the effect on a problem:

> I also note the parameters :
> Use slot based access controls (useslots)

change this to 'resource'

> Slots of availability (available)

you can use this to define a slot that will be allowed access (one
should specify instructor-defined slots here) this is a colon
seperated list of slot names

> Slots of availability selected by student (availablestudent)

This is the PARM that is set and modified by the reservation
system. You should leave this one alone and instead makes chagnes to
it by using the 'Remove' link is the slot list if you want to remove a
student from the slot.

> I don't suppose there is some documentation, or an example somewhere?

See above.:-) (We are actively developing as we go this semester wso
not really. We did some test runs last semester, and this semester are
deploying it in a ~1900 student course with ~40ish slots a week
controlling access to ~6 different .task resources (and also using map
conditiong to control which resources a user can see in the course.)

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