[LON-CAPA-users] Visibility of Problem

Gerd Kortemeyer lon-capa-users@mail.lon-capa.org
Fri, 14 Apr 2006 11:30:56 -0400

Hi Mark,

On Apr 14, 2006, at 8:55 AM, lucasm@ohiou.edu wrote:

> Quick question: I know (or think I know) that the problem text is  
> not visible between when the problem is due and when the answer is  
> available.
> Can someone remind me what the logic in that is?

I think the main reason is that CAPA did it like that, so it's what  
CAPA users expect.

The second reason is that this way you actually can make the problem  
invisible after a certain date, if so desired.

Personally, I don't particularly like it, since I usually have my  
answers show up 12 hours after the due date in order to allow for  
extensions. At the same time, students cannot see the problems during  
that period, which is bothersome when trying to study for tests.

> And ... is there any way around this with other parameters?

I don't think so.

At the same time, I searched our Bugzilla, and apparently nobody thus  
far bothered requesting this option. It could be put into the course  
environment, along the lines of "problem visible after due date."

I understand that it is quite some effort to make this happen,  
though, since it introduces a new state.

- Gerd.