[LON-CAPA-users] MSU coding for Scantron exam sheets

Guy Albertelli II lon-capa-users@mail.lon-capa.org
Tue, 4 Oct 2005 09:38:42 -0400 (EDT)

Hi All,

> The MSU code is a line in the scantronformat.tab file located in 
> /home/http/lonTab that specifies the output format of the scoring file from 
> the scanning office. You probably can request your scanning office to 
> produce a specified output. The format of the line goes something like this:

With 2.0 we do support some new options that are documented in the
shipped default scantronformat.tab 


> #name:description:code 
> location:CODEstart:CODElength:IDstart:IDlength:Qstart:Qlength:Qoff:Qon:PaperID:PaperID
> length:FirstName:FirstNamelength:LastName:LastNamelength
> The fields have the following meaning: (column counts start from 1)
> name - give this line a name like gwucode
> description - this is what shows up in the drop-down menu like MSU Code, 
> but call yours GWU Code
> code location - don't believe it is used in current version put -1

This is now called 'CODEtype' and can be either 'letter' or 'number'
or a negative number, a negative number is the same as 'letter'

(the .tab claims that 'none' will work, but that is a currently
unsupported option that I think can now go away.)

> CODEstart - the column location where the anonymous exam code (6 letters) start
> CODElength - the length of the code = 6 if using the 6 letters
> IDstart - the column location where the student ID starts
> IDlength - the length of the student ID
> Qstart - the column location of the first question
> Qlength - the length of each question - normally correspond to the number 
> of choices on the bubble sheet
> Qoff - symbol for each bubble that is NOT bubbled, normally a blank space ' '
> Qon - symbol for the bubble where the student has bubbled in - put say the 
> number 1

This can now be 'letter' or 'number' to support scantron output like

00001                        SMITHY         N IJGGBH 111111111 ABDE
00002                        SMITHY         K FECCJA 032345679 EEEE
00003                        DOE  ASHLEY      EBDEBB 156345678 DBEC

(In these cases Qlength should be set to 1)

> PaperID - the column location of the number for scanned bubble sheet - 
> printed by the scanning machine.
> PaperID length - length of the paper ID
> FirstName - column location of the first name
> FirstNamelength - length of the first name
> LastName - column location of the last name
> LastNamelength - length of the last name

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