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You want to get a second opinion on this, but I'm afraid you probably 
don't want republish this.

The information as to student responses is stored in a large assessment 
file for each student. The information is stored as a hash - with 
key:value pairs. The key includes enough information to uniquely describe 
the information (which problem, which part, etc...). I think it is using 
this label that you chose to create part of this name (was this label the 
"id" for the part?) If you change the "id" of a part, it will not see that 
the student has any information regarding their submissions. In short, 
it'll look like the student never did the problem.

Sorry! I have no idea what the list of 'forbidden characters' is.


 On Sat, 12 Mar 2005, Flammer wrote:
> Hello all,
> I made the mistake of having an "=" symbol in a part name in a problem.
> This is making trouble for evaluating grades in the spreadsheet (the
> spreadsheet doesn't recognize any of the parameters).  The problem was
> used in an anonymously generated, scantron-graded exam (all the grades
> have already been uploaded).
> I changed the part names in construction space, but am afraid to republish
> because I am not sure what it will do with the uploaded scantron grades.
> Even if it changes the randomized numbers in the problems, at this point
> it doesn't matter (the question is closed), but does anyone know if this
> will mix up whether or not the student received credit.
> If it will not affect their current grade, I will make the change.
> Also, are there set guidelines for what can and cannot be used in a part
> name (special symbols, spaces, etc)?
> Thanks,
> David
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