[LON-CAPA-users] uploaded files (in essay responses or elsewhere?)

Gerd Kortemeyer lon-capa-users@mail.lon-capa.org
Mon, 7 Mar 2005 18:29:28 -0500

Hi Ray,

On Mar 7, 2005, at 5:13 PM, Ray Batchelor wrote:
> I am curious about having students upload files as part of their 
> (essay...?)
> answer.
> e.g.
> I would like them to submit graphs. (with or without an associated text
> entry).
> Do you restrict submissions to certain types of files e.g. gifs?

Actually, it is YOU who can restrict this, at least by file extension. 
You can set the allowed filetypes in PARM - the moment something is 
specified there, the essay ("free form") problem allows for file 
upload. Note that plagiarism check only works with plain text.

In version 2.0, students can associate files from their portfolio with 
essay responses.

- Gerd.

Gerd Kortemeyer, Ph.D.
Michigan State University