[LON-CAPA-users] Chemistry Demonstration Course

rlight lon-capa-users@mail.lon-capa.org
Mon, 27 Jun 2005 16:59:48 -0400

I have put together a short demo course illustrating applications of
LON-CAPA to chemistry problems.  (It is part of a presentation I'm making
next week at the Gordon Conference on Visualization in Science and

A "public" view starts at
http://www.chem.fsu.edu/editors/rlight/LON_CAPA/Demos and describes some of
the problem types with a few examples published as "public"--so that you can
get a "new problem variation" button and explore the scope of the problem

That page also describes how to log-in to LON-CAPA for the more complete
demo course, which includes not only my problems but many from Ray Batchelor
and Jim Maxka and a couple from Guy Ashkenazi. (The page design isn't very
pretty yet--still working on it--but I hope all the links work.)

If anyone is interested in being "enrolled" in this demo course, send me
your LON-CAPA login (username and domain). (You may have some trouble with
the Jmol applet if you don't have that loaded on your server.  If so, let me
know and I'll send you a temporary login for the FSU domain).

Alternatively, you can access the sequences used in the course at
/res/fsu/rlight/DemonstrationProblems/DemoSequences.  The problems under
"DemonstrationProblems" are all published publicly so they can be viewed
without being enrolled.

I'd appreciate any feedback, especially if anyone sees any errors in the
presentation or has suggestions for improvement.  I'd also welcome
suggestions for expansion of the demo, especially aspects of problem types
that I didn't cover.

Maybe this will be useful to Mark and others trying to sell LON-CAPA to the
chemists at their institution.

(Aside to Ray, Jim, and Guy Ashk.--thanks for all your help.  Hope I haven't
misrepresented any of your problems, and I welcome suggestions from you


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