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I've been burned with some browser cacheing issues with situations like 
this, even when I thought the browser wasn't cacheing.


On Fri, 9 Dec 2005, Jim Maxka wrote:

> I have a question about republishing.  If I overwrite a previously published 
> image with another image - corrected one -- and I republish, I just get the 
> old one.  Is there a way to replace a published image?  Thanks  -- Jim
> Guy Albertelli II wrote:
>> Hi Jay,
>>>> Is there any quick way to publish all resources in a given directory with 
>>>> the same access rights. For example, I currently have a directory that 
>>>> contains resources which are published public, private, domain, etc. I 
>>>> would like to republish all of them so that they are public. How might I 
>>>> do that?
>>> In Menu Mode:
>>> Under Actions for Current Subdirectory, there is an option to Edit Catalog 
>>> Information.  This is will let you set default metadata to the directory 
>>> you are viewing.  The metadata applies to all subdirectories in the folder 
>>> recursively unless one of the subdirectories has its own catalog 
>>> information defined.
>> And if you are doing 'Publish whole directory'
>> You get a list of possible options one of which is
>> - force directory level catalog information over existing
>> And if the directory catalog information defines the access rights,
>> you will achieve your goal.
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