[LON-CAPA-users] Setting Resource Versions

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Fri, 9 Dec 2005 14:02:56 -0500 (EST)


I'm wandering through some courses from last quarter and fixing the 
version for problems (so if something gets 'repaired' we still know which 
'broken' version was used that quarter).

I've been blindly going to the main level,  Selecting "Check/Set Resource 
Versions", and clicking "Set all Resource Versions to current Version 
(Fix Versions").

It returns telling me to re-initialize the course, saying Done at the 
bottom of the screen, but I don't get any information about the resources 
that were updated. Not a problem for me.

On the other hand, I went into a chemistry course and did the same thing, 
and I got a list of all of the resources and the versions they were set 
to. This caught me totally off guard.

Assigned for the chemistry course were included at the top level as 
published sequences.

My basic question is whether this is working. I don't necessarily see a 
change in the URL for problems in a 'fixed' course.

* Does a 'Set all ...' from the main directory cascade?

* Should I see output for each individual resource that is 'fixed'?


Mark Lucas					email: lucasm@ohiou.edu
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