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Thanks Lars -- I appreciate the prompt response.

A follow-up question if I may..... 

How do instructors interact with the individual sections then?  Or to
get at more directly what I want to do, can I assign individual
instructors to have access (particularly accessing student scores) to
just their students in their own individual section of a particular
course? I'd prefer these section instructors not have the ability to
manipulate the content of the course -- does that require a customized
role?  There will still need to be one person who has access to all
sections and all grades of a course.  


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Hi Gary,

You don't need to take special action to "create" a section. When you
enroll students, there's an option to enter a section. If you enter the
name of the section here, the student is assigned to this section. You
can also change the section of a students from the CUSR page.


Olson, Gary wrote:
> I am probably overlooking something that is blatantly obvious but I've

> gone through the online FAQ, the manuals, and the archives and can't 
> find information about creating sections for a course.  I must be
> looking in the wrong spots and with the wrong words.   Could someone 
> point me to or provide the steps for doing this?
> Thanks in advance.
> Gary Olson
> Instructional Technologist
> Eastern Iowa Community College

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