[LON-CAPA-users] Three questions- extra buttons, resetting quizzes, and scrolling

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Thanks for your prompt and lengthy -- and helpful -- response.  I
appreciate your help.

1)  I will suggest that in future versions they (LON-CAPA) make those
buttons optional.  Perhaps there is some less distracting way of noting
when a particular resource comes from other creator(s).

2)  Multiple pages is the answer for my situation then since I want the
students to save their answers frequently should their connection fail.

3)  The PARM information is useful and does solve the issue of allowing
the student to change answers.  Still it is my understanding that the
"tries" is how many times a student submits an answer to a problem by
clicking the "Submit Answer" button  -- my mistake calling it "Save".
Is there a way of controlling how many times a student can actually go
into a particular page that has the problems?  I want the student to be
able to access the pages for the quiz only once but I don't really care
how many times the student changes an answer before they close or submit
the quiz as a whole.  If I allow only one time access, however, then
occasionally a student has a problem and I need to allow them to take
the whole quiz again.  So their previous answers and score need to be
removed.  What's my best option?

Thanks again.


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> 1)  I'm probably missing something obvious but I am trying to remove 
> the buttons for CAT and for EVAL that show up with each problem on a 
> quiz page we are doing.  Is there a way to remove those so they don't 
> show up for the student?  For our students these are a distraction 
> that takes them away from what we want them focused upon.

Unfortunately, as far as I am aware, the answer is "no."  I, too, agree
that they are somewhat distracting on .pages, but I understand that some
authors feel very strongly that these links be present on all resources,
I guess in part as some kind of citation that recognizes that these
problems may not all be original to the creator of the .page.  
> 2) When the student clicks on SAVE for an individual problem on a this

> quiz page (.page), they are taken automatically back up to the top of 
> the page and then they have to scroll back down to do the next
> This is a small annoyance but an annoyance nevertheless especially
> we have 20 to 30 individual problems on one page.   Is there a way to
> prevent or get around this?

I think the only way to solve this is to use several pages.  You can
also make your students aware that they can enter answers to several
problems at once. 
Hitting the "save" (I assume you mean "Submit Answer"?) button will
submit answers to all problems that have something in the entry box.  So
in principle a student can enter answers to all the problems on a page,
and hit "Submit Answer" just once to grade the whole thing.

> 3)  Once a student has answered all the questions ("tries" is set to 
> 1), is there a way to reset (remove) their answers so they can take it

> again or do I need to simply change the tries?
> Thanks in advance for your any help ... and  for your patience.

To answer this, I need to ask you a question or two.  Do you want the
student to take the exact quiz again, and have the score for that quiz
reset to whatever the student gets the second time, or do you really
want the student to do a retake such that the original quiz grade is

If you want the former, then I think you simply have to up the number of
For the latter, you can make a second instance of the .page in your
The randomizations will be new, but this second instance will not erase
the scores of the first instance.

I might point out another feature to a self-proclaimed newbie that may
accomplish what you want.  With the "PARM" button, you can set a
parameter that does not show the problem status.  In this case, you can
set the number of tries very high, and a student can submit an answer to
each problem essentially any number of times s/he wants, never knowing
if their answer is correct or incorrect, until the quiz closes.

Hope that helps.  If you want more clarification, let me know.


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