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I guess I had never noticed a degradation when using the eps images.

The degradation, particularly on jpeg files, is obvious. This conversion 
is done with ImageMagick.

I'm presuming the rescaling of eps files is simply performed by one of the 
latex graphics packages. My guess is the real work is done when converting 
from dvi to pdf. Does pdf keep the original eps embedded? The final say on 
the conversion could be with the printer.

What kind of quality issues do you find?

Just curious,

On Thu, 17 Jun 2004, Ray Batchelor wrote:

> Hi,
>     I was wondering if there is a little explanation written somewhere as to 
> what exactly kind of magic happens to an eps file in the printing process 
> when an image is called (as a gif or jpeg file) from an <img    tag.  
> Especially when a "TeXwidth" argument is used.
> Certainly, when I make the eps file available, the printed image produced 
> through PRT is better than when I have only the gif present.  However, it is 
> still not of the same quality as the original eps file.  So I assume that the 
> resizing process is a little less than optimal?
> Cheers,
> Ray
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