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Hi Mark,

Please count us in.


On Wed, 2 Jun 2004 lucasm@ohiou.edu wrote:

> Hi,
> Several of us are resubmitting a CCLI (Course, Curriculum and Laboratory
> Improvement) Proposal to NSF to fund the creation of a library of problems
> which focus on helping a student through common misconceptions. The goal
> is to develop groups of problems focused around these misconceptions, and
> covering a range of problem types and difficulties. We would be keeping an
> eye towards possible sequencing of problems which could be used to provide
> either a graduated difficulty or a set of questions which could be
> referenced if a student was having problems with an advanced question.
> We are looking for institutions and faculty who would be willing to both
> provide feedback on the problems in a peer-review process, and who would
> be willing to use some of the problems in their classes. We are not
> looking for any firm commitment, but we would like to be able to list
> institutions who have shown interest and a preliminary willingness to help
> test when we submit the proposal.
> This list can, and hopefully will, include universities, 4 year schools,
> community colleges, and high schools.
> Reply to Mark Lucas (lucasm@ohiou.edu).
> Thanks!!!
> Mark
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