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Wed, 2 Jun 2004 23:14:30 -0400 (EDT)


Several of us are resubmitting a CCLI (Course, Curriculum and Laboratory 
Improvement) Proposal to NSF to fund the creation of a library of problems 
which focus on helping a student through common misconceptions. The goal 
is to develop groups of problems focused around these misconceptions, and 
covering a range of problem types and difficulties. We would be keeping an 
eye towards possible sequencing of problems which could be used to provide 
either a graduated difficulty or a set of questions which could be 
referenced if a student was having problems with an advanced question.

We are looking for institutions and faculty who would be willing to both 
provide feedback on the problems in a peer-review process, and who would 
be willing to use some of the problems in their classes. We are not 
looking for any firm commitment, but we would like to be able to list 
institutions who have shown interest and a preliminary willingness to help 
test when we submit the proposal. 

This list can, and hopefully will, include universities, 4 year schools, 
community colleges, and high schools.

Reply to Mark Lucas (lucasm@ohiou.edu).


Mark Lucas					email: lucasm@ohiou.edu
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