[LON-CAPA-users] bulk printing?

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Yes - as course coordinator:

- select a problem in the sequence (assignment) of interest
- select PRT to print
- select "Resources from Assignment 1 for selected students"
    and "next"
- scroll down the page to the buttons to "bulk-select" students
- It looks like you may have to do a preliminary print to figure
   out the number of columns to skip (see bottom of page).
   Try it all first with just 2 students.
- select "next"

Don't do this at the last second - the processing under LON-CAPA is a lot 
more compute-intensive. In this example I'm printing a double length 
assignment (about 20 problems) and it's taking 20 seconds per student.

Also note that I am using version - The general idea is the same
under 1.1.3, but I think several options have been added in the student
select page.

I understand the desire to print for continuity for the students in the 
transition. One of the things we celebrated greatly was the pdf output for 
the students. It was a great relief not having to print the assignments 
for students!

Good luck on the startup! Keep the questions coming - there are a number 
of us who have made the transition in the last couple years.


 On Mon, 26 Jul 2004, Steven Pollock wrote:

> We're just making the switch from CAPA to LON-CAPA, in prep for the 
> upcoming fall semester, and are wondering if there is a mechanism by 
> which we can "bulk print" homework sets for an entire (large) class? 
> (My apologies if this is something that should have been easy to figure 
> out, but it's stumping me!)
> Thanks in advance,
> Steven Pollock, CU-Boulder
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