[LON-CAPA-users] essay/survey: giving credit for participation

Guy Albertelli II lon-capa-users@mail.lon-capa.org
Wed, 11 Aug 2004 17:29:55 -0400 (EDT)

Hi Steve,

> I frequently post online surveys for my students, which involve a mix 
> of a few "multiple choice" (usually Likert-scale) opinion questions, 
> and some essays/long answer questions (usually metaquestions about 
> aspects of the course). Up to now I've always hand created web forms to 
> do this every time - it's painful and tedious. It strikes me that 
> LON-CAPA should be great for setting up such surveys. The main question 
> is this - I would like to give credit simply for participation - if 
> they hit "submit", I want to give them full credit, no matter what 
> parts they chose to fill in or not. (i.e. a single grade, 1 or 0,  for 
> the whole *set* of questions)
> Of course, I will *also* want to be able to save/download all their 
> individual responses to each part into a database so I can look at 
> correlations between their replies and course grades, etc.
> Is this all an easy thing to set up? 


The survey style is what you want, this option curently works with

<essayresponse> and <radiobuttonresponse>

style questions.

If the student answers the question it is marked internally as
'correct' and if any points are associated with it they are awarded.

For <radiobuttonresponse>
the 'correct' values are ignored, all foils are always shown and they
are unrandomized (meaning the foils are shown in the order they exist
in the problem)

You can allow students to have multiple 'tries' in which case they can
change their mind about the answer.

Feel free to create a survey resource in CSTR (make a resource with an
extension of .survey) and you can see how it acts.

In version 1.2 (just coming out now) there are two ways of getting
data about the answers out:

1) in the STAT module you can download a summarized version of the
   data  (I.e. 35 students picked option 1, etc.) (for essays all of
   the submissions are shown/dowloaded)

    There are no students names in this data, it is anonymous.

2) in STAT you can choose to download the raw internal data for
    problems as an Excel file, this does have student identifiers
    associated with the data.

Feel free to login to msu.loncapa.org and try out 1.2's STAT modules.

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