[LON-CAPA-users] Chemistry Problem Types?

Jim Maxka lon-capa-users@mail.lon-capa.org
Tue, 10 Aug 2004 09:20:43 -0700

Hi Todd -- I have about 40-60 published problems for organic structure.  
Some of them were created by Bill Reusch and I am using them with 
permission -- I have limited these to my domain for now.
I have organic problems divided into topics:
if you go to
res/nau/jim/chm235 => this is the first semester course
res/nau/jim/chm238 => this is the second semester course

Here are examples of organic response from different func groups from 
the 2nd course.


This one uses jmol -- a 3-D representation java applet.  This problem 
focuses on stereochemistry.

These are about 10% of the problems from this course.  Feel free to 
browse the first course.  It is filling out more slowly.

The organicstructure is in alot of these problems.  What it does is let 
us generate organic structures on the fly from a string of atoms and 
coordinates.  This is handy for managing some of the large data sets 
that I have.
Here is a good example of this type.  All of the 25 structures are made 
with organicstructure:

Ray and I have whole courses for geneeral chemistry.  I can give you 
those directories if you guys are really interested in more chemistry.
Hope your presentation goes well. --jim

Guy Albertelli II wrote:

>Hi Todd,
>>Thanks for the pointers to a variety of problems.  For some reason I
>>don't seem yet to have found any reactionresponse, organicresponse, or
>>organicstructure problems.
>Hrrm, Looks like little use of these has been made.
>I was able to scare up another reactionresponse
>But all of the organic* that I know of are unpublished.
>(Which is a shame because they are quite nice.)