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To upload the test scores you need the following info as fields in your csv
1. loncapaid
2. domain
3. partial credit score (the grade -- the number must be between 0 and 1,
4. a string that says "correct_by_override"

The order of these fields won't matter because there is a screen where you
can associate each field with the test upload parameter.  The
"correct_by_override" string must be associated with the Problem Status.
There are only 5 parameters to associate with your data, loncapaid, domain,
and partial credit are the other ones you'll use.  (I forget what the 5th
one is, something about problem parts I think)

So, for instance, the upload file can look like:
loncapauser1, ndsu, 0.61, correct_by_override
loncapauser2, ndsu, 0.84, correct_by_override
...and so on...

Does that answer you question?


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When uploading scores to a problem, as with an external resource, what
is the format of the csv file?

loncapaid, score

or something else?  Are other parameters possible?



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