[LON-CAPA-users] CAPA translator

Ray Batchelor lon-capa-users@mail.lon-capa.org
Thu, 7 Mar 2002 10:35:56 -0800

Hon-Kie wrote
> >
> > 1. What is the "correct" way to translate &web, &tex and &html functions
> > when they are called from the problem narrative? Is <display> a no-no?
Felicia wrote
> I have some students translating now and they have been replacing most
> of the &web and $tex with the <m> tag.  In some cases, the <m> tag is
> not necessary.  For example, the <m> tag is a good idea for displaying
> x^2/2 but not needed if you are just doing superscripting or bolding.
> Guy has translated problems where he has decided to keep the &tex
> function because a particular table printed better with &tex then with
> translation from html.

<m> is good but there seem to be various things that don't translate well.  
 So I expect to be relying on <web> and <tex> tags a bit.
I believe  that <web> and <tex>  are supposed to work respectively to send 
output to  the HTML parser (for the web only) and to the TeX parser (for 
printing only).  If that is not how they work I would like to know.  
  Anyway, I eagerly await  PRT to see how this all pans out in practice.
I am trusting that the &web function (in particular) will work well.
If there is a better way to do what Hon-Kie is asking about, I'd also like to