[Lon-capa-users] Re: [LON-CAPA-dev] interface bugs

Gerd Kortemeyer lon-capa-users@mail.lon-capa.org
Sat, 16 Feb 2002 13:19:45 -0500

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Just to clarify this issue:

Unskilled students usually run their browser (and other applications) maximized
full-screen. After logging in, the Remote pops to the foreground, which is fine.
They then click on the content window, and the Remote is "gone" (whine ... "I
cannot do my homework" ... "LON-CAPA crashed on me" ...). You do not get that
whining, but I do as instructor. Some kids are still unable to handle more than one
window at a time, others simply find it easier to whine than to do homework.

The idea was NOT to maximize the content window, but to put it in cascade-window
mode, and leave enough space on top and bottom to still show the Windows Taskbar
and the Macintosh Dock and/or Application Menu. Unfortunately, the Linux Gnome
taskbar takes up more than double the real estate on the bottom of the screen than
the Windows bar. That is where Scott ran into problems.

The content window was also pushed over far enough to the right so that the Remote
fit next to it, and both windows were arranged next to each other - that is how I
usually arrange the screen. Giving focus to one of them would not make the other

I would encourage us to re-instate this feature - maybe with the content window
even shorter, so that Linux windows managers do not overlap with the bottom
scrollbars. On the other hand, I would assume that Linux users can handle more than
one window. There also might be a property in the JavaScript screen object that
indicates usable real estate rather than total screen.

- Gerd.

Matthew Brian Hall wrote:

> Scott, et al.
> Let me know if you see any more strangeness with the remote and the window
> resizing.  Gerd had added the auto-resizing of the window to deal with cases
> where the students had a maximized window and were unable to deal with the
> remote.  Suggestions as to how to deal with this that don't involve mental or
> physical abuse of the users would be appreciated.

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