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Fri, 15 Feb 2002 10:33:40 -0500


I believe if you delete nohist_email.db, you should be fine. Of course, ALL of
your messages go away then.

There is also a new function: if you go to "View All Messages", you can put a
checkmark next to messages you want to delete, and then press "Delete" - you
delete all checked ones in one server interaction.

We have to re-visit that "error message" mechanism. There is a coupled function
(no interface yet), that puts error messages into a separate hash. If the
programmer takes care that the same error always produces the exact same
message (independent of time, course, and user), you only get the same message
ONCE instead of once for every access.

I want to make that hash available in construction space and in NAV - meaning,
those come up next to the broken resource, and/or they become a separate entry
in your mailbox. I still need to write the interface to access the new hash -
if I only had time for programming instead of being busy to find money to pay
for all of this ...

- Gerd.

Mark Lucas wrote:

> Hi-
>         I have been accumulating a large number of diagnostic messages
> from the problems I have published and used. These often consist of
> either 'blank messages' (I get the feeling there may be more to them) or
> short errors typically related to something like and error in the &format
> call.
>         I've been remiss at investigating these, I fear - but worse - I
> have a phenomenal number of e-mails to wade through.
>         What happens if I either remove hash entries or just plain delete
> my nohist_email.db file 8) ? Is there a separate place where the existence
> of these e-mails is registered, or is all the information kept within each
> message regarding the read status, etc....
>         Inquiring (and lazy! I've got 1000+ delete buttons to push) minds
> want to know!
>                                         Mark
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