[LON-CAPA-dev] Meeting Notes 02-09-2010

Stuart Raeburn lon-capa-dev@mail.lon-capa.org
Tue, 23 Feb 2010 16:35:58 -0500


Gerd - parameter to optionresponse for checkboxes instead of selectboxes
- survey to choose a new name for LON-CAPA 3.0 CMS (result: LON-CAPA)

Phil - VMware. building OSs:  SuSE, Ubuntu
- Templated pages lonsyllabus - allows arbitrary syllabus fields , can  
define field order
A - More work on templated pages.

Felicia - some 2.9 testing on data2
- Meeting about Portfolio with Med School
A - standard set of release tests for 2.9

John - vs1, vs2 now have more storage
A - source.loncapa.org  maintenance - wed?
    - 2.9 testing

Stuart - GCI - Let students know if there are missing items.
- metadata icon in portfolio in 2.10
- prevent ISE in grades.pm -user with multiple tabs switches course in  
1 tab,  then tries to view grading screen in other course in other tab
- R-base or R-patched RPM for R statistics package in SuSE/SLES?
- Replace \\ with \newline after image to prevent error when printing  
randomly labelled image inside table.
- Improvements to client-side javascript used in pop-up section picker  
when modifying role section.
- anonymous survey
A - 2.9 release notes -> dev-list