[LON-CAPA-dev] Meeting Notes 03-30-2010

Stuart Raeburn lon-capa-dev@mail.lon-capa.org
Tue, 06 Apr 2010 12:56:17 -0400

Meeting Notes:  March 30th 2010.

General discussion on release dates to satisfy MSU timelines for  
installation of new versions: 2.9.0 - April 11; 2.10.0 - July 1.

Felicia -  Filed bug report: 6243 Student Submission Reports with  
Excel format issues
- Some 2.9 Testing

Stefan - Continuing to eliminate Remote Control code
  - Reminder of request for a monthly meeting involving  
representative(s) from Ostfalia
A - Start to look at search (bachelor's thesis work).

- Investigated renewed funding from foundations who have supported  
LON-CAPA previously.
- exploring proposals to NSF, corporations
- Discussions about supplemental grant for existing GCI project
- Discussions about proposal for next generation Concept Inventory platform
- Updated LON-CAPA web site
- Grades interface clean-up
- Preliminary look at  LON-CAPA data from courses in Brazil.
A - Proposal writing

- Check if entry already exists for specific IP for LON-CAPA port  
before calling system command to add one to firewall settings; more  
flexibility over use of multiple chain names
- Register "Course roster" (/adm/viewclasslist) if added to  a course  
via Course Editor.
- Eliminate double breadcrumbs for special documents (aboutme,  
classlist, user/group accessible portfolios) registered in a course
-  course breadcrumbs when displaying list of available group or user  
portfolio files (aboutme/portfolio)
   for items in course.
- Propagate register=1 when toggling between "Edit" and "Student"  
views: aboutme, bulletinboard).
- More efficient code used  when searchcat.pl updates allusers database table
- Fewer columns so display options fit within window, when RES browse  
is a pop-up
- DCs can validate requests for official courses queued pending  
instructor status validation (by institution), and can also manually  
- Course default for PDF Forms fixed as "No" for all domains in 2.9
- Translations in de.pm updated for changes in portfolio.pm

A - remove "Slot icon" from Parameters menu (as it's now in the Main Menu).
- BT settings: wording change for grade in any section replaced with   
any section not your own.
- RPMs
- 2.9 draft release notes

Mark  - NARST meeting
- meetings about funding sources - looking for bigger projects with  
broader impact.
- exploring new solicitations (NSF etc. e.g., EHR division)

John - Shibboleth installation
A  - Continuing to work on Shibboleth implementation