[LON-CAPA-dev] Meeting Notes 10-10-2007

Guy Albertelli II lon-capa-dev@mail.lon-capa.org
Wed, 10 Oct 2007 19:16:45 -0400

Oct. 10th

 - at conference last week, STEM excitement
A- First database

 - conference
 - slough away at multiple line questions
A- should be able to finish off multiple bubble line per response

 - 4058 -> grading screen rearrange + groups + sections,
A- finish off 4058
 - pick code in PGRD fails to work

 - Bug 5191.  Decouple storage of last access time for a course in
               nohist_courseids.db from storage of course information.
 - nohist_courseids.db change to hash of hashes
    - more work on retain backwards compatibility with legacy lonnet::courseiddump()
 - more work on control of selectable authentication types displayed by
   domain prefs.
   - mappings between form element names and stored auth types (int ->
     internal: etc.)
   - verification of auth selections (verify_message() javascript used more
 - loncreateuser.pm
 - More code re-use for adding new user, and modifying existing user in
 - Moving code in loncreateuser.pm out to more subroutines
 - Use of <div>s with float for a more compact display
 - Added some div classes to standard_css
 - iLO operative on s4.lite.msu.edu (No console redirection yet).
 - started work on nagios-based monitoring of MSU cluster health
A - Need a USB floppy drive for firmware updatses on s4
 - hardware: specs for PERC cards and drac2 for sandbox cluster and new s16
 - username rules need to be implemented for file upload user creation
 - csv file upload for new users in more contexts
 - out Th, F?
 - spamassassin on s16
 - domain-specifiable restrictions on format of student IDs

 - memcache deaths less spirally (lonnet tries to remember data when generated)
 - seeds with errors in CSTR testing once again announce themselves
 - stop encrypting non internal urls in encrypted resources (javascript: etc)
 - due date for practice problems show in navmaps
 - contentopen/close checked for uploaded style resources
 - lond passes long strings as refs to prevent some temp memory allocations
 - library servers can offload
 - latest versions of jsMath/mimetex included
 - plotting of filledcurves was failing
 - switching out htmlarea, switching in fckeditor
A- check other WYSIWIG bugs and close them if fixed now
 - timezone stuff
 - better undo in edit
 - 2.5.2
 - update educog's scantronformat.tab
 - new version of jmol to be included
 - some documentation/emailing
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