[LON-CAPA-dev] Meeting Notes 3-1-2007

Stuart Peter Raeburn lon-capa-dev@mail.lon-capa.org
Thu, 01 Mar 2007 16:31:24 -0500


Reza - Met with Yi: tried importing .task file
A  -  Continue working on .task import for BT and modify documentation

Guy - BT: tag to display placement of gradeinfo
 - uniqueness of Receipt numbers  -now use MD5 hash
 - printing errors now send messages again
 - BT: text chunks consistent with other parts of system
 - Enter button behavior more intuitive for homework problem submission     
	(Firefox tested, IE yet to test).
 - Parm view for strings, change default behavior
 - Previous submissions (for students) radio, numerical, option so far
     would like feedback, please
 -  week of 3/19 - 3/22 (likely 3/22) for future directions meeting.
A - More work on previous submissions
 - More lonnet work as a prelude to elimination of hosts.tab (replacing with 
central authority).
 - possibly 2.3.3 

Felicia - DSME meetings
 - met with ILR to discuss LON-CAPA use for certification purpose
A - Contact Gerd about new domain and separate server idea for ILR
 - out M-F 

 - CSS in whatsnew
 - domain preferences (for DC to set)
 - autoupdate of user information from institutional data
 - MSU's localenroll.pm provides retrieval of user data from HR tables
 - attended e-portfolio brown bag
A - more domain preferences - logos and fonts/colors
 - cloning customization
 - virtualization
 - localization in Autoenroll.pl and Enrollment.pm 

Gerd - Added domain for Universidad de Alcala de Henares
 - reduced default tries in radioresponse template
 - reconnection speed-ups
 - student photos available in more places (for purposes of face/name 
 - custom feedback strings

Rick - Problem receipts eliminated for cases where they don't make sense.
A -