[LON-CAPA-dev] Meeting Notes 6-14-2007

Stuart Peter Raeburn lon-capa-dev@mail.lon-capa.org
Thu, 26 Jul 2007 13:25:38 -0400



Gerd - Meeting on clickers. LON-CAPA's proposed solution where students 
"register" their clicker in their user profile across classes/semestera 

 - Work on clicker functionality 

 - Contacted sys admins about 2.4.0 

 - Intramural grant on Research in Online Learning Environments was 

unfortunately turned down 

 - Working with Financial Times reporter. She will likely visit Georgetown 
University and MSU within the coming month 

 - New domains: John Abbott, Palomar, Pewamo-Westfalia 

A- Finish up clicker functionality 

 - Write up budget request for coming fiscal year 

 - Invoice from UIUC on conference 


Phil - gnuplot enhancements 

A - template courses for thedump 

 - more gnuplot (style focus) 


Mark - FIRST project
       - REU students exploring PDF parsing 

 - cpath budget manipulations 

A - NSF panel 


Felicia - met with Kathy Lovell  (outreach to other institutions?) 

 - Reza's BT documentation 

 - workshop logistics 

A - move lovell files to immunology, bmb-medschool 

 - more logistics for workshop 

 - framework for author manual (cf CC manual) 

 - explore idesa re: printing user-specified chunks of manual 


Rick - bug 5143 - role descriptions for TA, IN etc 

A- traverse bug list, new assignments? 


Guy - propagation of part_0 

 - declutter res removal causing issues (simple pages) 

 - log-linear (not in 2.4.1), log-log gnuplot 

 - proof of concept on random order in a sequence 

 - portfolio upload follows href links 

 - lonmaxima: killing finished clients with system calls instead of Expect 

 - maxima: some distros sensitive to working directory 

 - hostids on multidomain machine
A - 2.4.1 general release e-mail 

 - integrating Phil's changes 

 - randomized order in .sequence 

 - review author usability study 

 - portfolio upload -> follow references 

 - add error message on bad ranges in gnuplot with log scaling 


Stuart  - hardware review 

 - SuSE 9.3 on Xen 

 - fix to register.pm 

 - update price quotes cse101 hardware 

 - contact wolfenbuttel re maxima. 

A - FC7 installation instructions 

 - order cse10 RAID key/DIMM _+ cage 

 - updates production FC3/4 -> FC7 

 - bug list exploration