[LON-CAPA-dev] Meeting Notes 12-12-2007

Stuart Peter Raeburn lon-capa-dev@mail.lon-capa.org
Fri, 14 Dec 2007 15:30:29 -0500

Meeting Notes 12/12/2007 

 - med school online quizzes (IP-restrictions).
 - final exams Q & A
A - Board Meeting
 - MSU Faculty seminars 12/18-12/19
 - Test WYSIWIG, gnuplot fonts, Jmol, Jsmath etc
 - Establish time/place for Spring semester developer meetings 

 - DC can set which user information fields can be modified in author or 
course context
 - DC can configure which types of user (any, none, institutional, or 
non-institutional) can be created in author or course context
 - forceID change checkbox only shown when ID changes permitted
 - row counts in course catalog table
 - alternation of row colors correct in "Log-in data" table for picking user 
authentication type
 - For DCs auth option defaults to "Do not change log-in" for existing users
 - List of users includes radio buttons to switch username link
 between "About Me" page and "Modify User"
 - Blank student number/IDs can be made non-blank without requiring forceID 
checkbox to have been checked.
 - update LON-CAPA install scripts to support SuSE 10.3
 - case sensitivity for username in delete actions in allusers MySQL table
 - if portfolio quota was default, show this in user modification result 
 - changes to a user's environment.db via CUSR use lonnet::modifyuser() so 
allusers MySQL table is updated.
 - default quota values displayed correctly on DC's CUSR screen
 - alert when moving COM message to a different folder only shown if no 
destination folder was selected.
 - All user management from a single icon/button/text link
A - fix status validator for entry to MSU training registration form
 - MSU faculty seminars 12/18-12/19
 - inline nav/resource separator on MSU production servers for 12/18
 - 2.6 on MSU production servers 12/19
 - remaining user management issues (can create user checking etc.)
 - Test namespacing
 - Test propagation of changes in ID/student number 

 - FIRST meeting at Purdue (longitudinal study) discussion about 
FERPA-related policies
A - meeting with LC&T about policies for FIRST data access 

 - fix ISE when grading essay problems for multiple students
 - prevent infinite loop in uri for filelocation,
 - Improve efficiency for DOCS display of top-level folder with lots of 
 - Phil's changes to lonplot to display text on axes 

 - Added missing post center correction to the div align=center processing 

 - update german translations
(added some new translations, optimized others and eliminated some