[LON-CAPA-dev] Future Dir meeting results

Guy Albertelli II lon-capa-dev@mail.lon-capa.org
Tue, 31 Oct 2006 11:08:28 -0500 (EST)

Hi All,

2.3 and beyond meeting results,

I've added some tasking suggestions for who should do what.

Feel free to let me know if I should change something.

 3A > 3B > 4A > 6 > 4B > 1 > 2 > 5A >> 5B (category definiions below)

Gu -> Guy
Ge -> Gerd
Gr -> Overall Group
St -> Stuart

Finish off:
St - Groups PORT spaces links from Users PORT space
St - Groups delete
Gu - nr/fr support for multiple different correct answers
Gu - BT <xml> text for sub Dimensions

Gu - continue usability -> separtation of layers

Gr - implementing results existing study
     (some efforts need to be made at interpreting the results)
Ge - implement accessibility changes
Gu - students can see their previous submissions

St - domain configuration info
Gu - better hosts.tab management
Ge - Delayed messages not sent
Gu - domain trust settings -> take a look at what it entails

Gr - Code cleanup? Documentation? Comments?

St - fine grained cloning choices
St - track instructor for (DOCS change log)

St - collborative student submissions
St - Lock-down blog/port/com(extrenal send) as per dated COM lock-downs.

St - simple problem plagerism
Gu - Parameters for Show answers in homework
Gu - conditionals - stop punishing the student
Gu - tag to formalize and simplify the process of getting information from
     the user that is later used in the HW

----Decoupled from release schedule:---

 - need to get started on a 'overall review' of uer interface and
   decide on some html/design style guides

 - better built demo domain?
 - Camtasia training session help files for things that people want
               help for

------ not for 2.3 ------
 - better 'snapshot' of what a student has done in a course
    (problems done.. posts made.. mails sent... login times...)
 - &generate_incorrects()
 - sequences with 'random order' to resources
 - Discussion groups (similar to Angel) where a Group
   really is a course with everything just renamed.
   (complications occur relating to permissions and definitons)

 - Setting up an on-line Discussion/Essay course 	2
 - domain # scale issue?
 - making it easier to change usernames

 - multiclick image response (2.4?)
 - clicker grant
 - easier assigned seating for exam mode
 - DC -> choose any author
 - /OR - <sr> --- <o/r/m/rb/r> --- xml style on this
 - UTF support in printing
 - plagrisms check on more than pure text
 - instructor specified units
 - <drawimage> print support
 - .rights in source avail
 - QTI
 - Ability to add problems to sequences from text/csv file 	5

 - Lon-capa time in menu mode somehow...

----- Categories ------

1. strengthen our strengths
   - clickers (grant)
   - more problem types 
   - improving existing types
   - better control over flipping on/off new features

2. attract new users with new features
  A. softer sciences
      - groups
      - wiki
      - discussion (more info about?)
      - more moodle 
  B. mathematics support
  C. BT & QTI (money)
3. usability enhancements
   A. better seperation between presentation/application layers
   B. - streamlining existing interfaces
      - easier learning curve
      - grant for CC analysis

4. systemwide growth enhancements
  A. - domain browse/search
     - domain grouping
     - domain trust settings
     - domain configuration info
  B. - ease of installation/maintenance
     - syncing to existing university systems
     - better demo?

5. Standards support
   A. supporting authoring use of external standards
        - SCORM RTE
        - QTI (seems more important to international users?)
   B. supporting exporting of existing resource / data into standards
        - OSPI
        - OKI/Sakai

6. General Code Maintenace / Documentation

Decided ordering of importance.
 3A > 3B > 4A > 6 > 4B > 1 > 2 > 5A >> 5B

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