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Mon, 16 Oct 2006 12:12:58 -0400

There is something I've been meaning to ask about.  The search feature can
sometimes be slow as it goes domain by domain, getting hung up occassionally
if a server is slow.  Also it depends on how good a job people have done in
putting in key words.  So I seldom use it.

Any chance of getting Google, or a Google-like search process accomplished?
(I'm pretty na´ve about how search engines work, but I have the impression
they build indexes by continually trolling web pages, and then the "search"
is remarkably quick.)  Does the LON-CAPA search work that way?  Can an index
of the complete system be built and maintained from day to day?  How much
space does that take?  

Would Google do it for free? (though I doubt we'd want to start having ads
show up).

Also, the search feature is available from Course Documents when you are
about to import a document, but doesn't seem to be available when you are
just browsing RES space (either from a course or from construction space).
Shouldn't one be able to search from there as well?

Robley Light

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> Hi All,
> We'll be having the Future Directions meeting as part of the 
> LON-CAPA Consortium meetings at UIUC on Oct. 24th tentatively 
> at 3PM CDT.
> Please send any feature requests to the lon-capa-dev list, 
> and vote on any bugs by that time so we can get an idea of 
> what the user community is interested in.
> If you would like to attend the meeting please let Felicia know
> (felicia@lon-capa.org) so we can make arrangements.
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